A Pile of Sheep

We currently have a small flock of sheep (all males) in the field next door.  I expect they will be moved on soon to make way for the ewes with their lambs.

The field is just a small, scruffy area too boggy to do much with.  A few years ago the farmer allowed a young couple to use a section of it as a makeshift allotment but that only lasted a week or so before they gave up.  Not before they had a large mound of topsoil delivered, which is still there as a sort of mini-mountain.

The sheep, for some reason, all seem to want to be sitting on this mound when they are not mooching around eating grass.  It is quite funny watching them all jostling for position and having little arguments over who gets to sit there and who will be left at the bottom.

I don't suppose anyone could enlighten me as to why this may be so?


  1. Typical sheep behavious - could be that the soil is warmer than the surrounding area, could be that they
    get a better view. As the widow of a farmer who kept sheep I should know but I am afraid I don't - you would really have to ask a sheep.

    1. Ha, ha. Thank you! I assumed it was just because the field is so boggy they just wanted somewhere dry to sit!


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