A Walk in the Sunshine

Yesterday was a bright, sunny day so we decided to go for a walk around our nearest town, a couple of miles up the road.

P's knee was still a little painful so we only did an hour.  We drove to the car park on the edge of town and walked down the back streets to the quayside.  We enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the quayside, looking at the boats tied up in the marina and remarking on how blue the sea seemed. There were quite a few guillemots in the water. I think they are starting to nest there already.

When we got to the harbour entrance some of the crab boats were coming in; I think they must have just dropped their pots and were coming back empty.

It was very windy and the wind chill made me glad I wore my padded jacket.  We had intended to stop at Fenella beach, just beside the castle, to get some photos of the whitecaps on the sea as it looked quite wild but we couldn't even stand up so made for the shelter of the breakwater.

The lifeboat crew were out on their Sunday morning manouevres so we stopped to watch them for a while.  At the breakwater kiosk there was a crowd of bikers all enjoying their bacon baps, with the row of motorbikes all lined up along the breakwater wall.  

No seals in the harbour this time. Probably not the right time of year to see them in the harbour, although they are around when the fishing boats come in.

P is now outside chopping wood for this evening's fire - it is still quite cold at night - but it was so lovely to be out and about in the sun for a change.


  1. That sea is such a beautiful colour you can hardly believe it.

    1. I know! It has been grey for so many months we just had to take a photo as it was so beautiful.

  2. You live in a beautiful place. How nice to be able to drive to the water when you like. It's still cold here at night, too. We have a pellet stove we use. I don't know if you have them there? They burn small pellets made of pressed sawdust. They come in 40 pound bags so Pete will be glad when the season is over and he doesn't have to carry in bags of pellets and clean the stove every day.

    1. Hello Sue. I think there may be some wood burners available over here, or at least in the UK, that burn pellets but I haven't seen any. We have an old cottage with its original open fire so we burn anything and everything on it! It is great in the winter as we can burn a lot of things that would otherwise go to the refuse centre. In the summer we take all our paper and carboard etc to the local recycling collection centre but we burn it in the winter. P sometimes gets tired of chopping wood each day for the fire and is very glad when spring comes. He is actually now clearing out the grate and putting all the fire *stuff" away until the autumn as he says we don't really need it now. Just wait - I bet we get snow!!!


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