Busy Doing Nothing

Thursday, and another glorious spring morning.

I had an appointment at the GP surgery to have a blood test for my 6-monthly check up, followed by the hairdresser for my 6-weekly haircut.

P dropped me off in town as he was going to pick up our new car. Well, not brand new, it's two years old, but we are downsizing to a smaller model.  I was in and out of the blood clinic in 5 minutes and so had a good half hour to kill so I strolled down to the marina and had a leisurely cup of coffee in the coffee shop at the Heritage Museum on the quayside, watching people coming and going.  The coffee shop is a popular place with local ladies of a certain age and a knitting group regularly meet there for coffee and to knit and chat.  Very jolly they are too.

After my hair appointment the sun was still shining so I decided to walk home along the coast road.  It took around 45 minutes at a reasonably meandering pace and I stopped a couple of times for a view break.  I enjoyed the walk, apart from the last stretch where there is no pavement and the cars hurtle past as though they are on the track at Brands Hatch. I ended up in the ditch at one point, luckily upright and not on my backside.

The afternoon consisted of the garden bench, a cup of tea and my library book (a rather strange Ruth Rendell, but then hers usually are).

Standing outside the coffee shop looking towards the castle

Stretch of road outside of town looking towards our house

Blue sea!

The final stretch, nearly there


  1. What beautiful scenery! I love the view with the castle and that perfect blue sea. Glad you made it home safely - why does everyone have to be in such a hurry?

  2. Thanks Sue. I really enjoy being out and about when the weather is good, just breathing in the fresh air and looking at the view. Shame about the traffic though. It wasn't like that when we first moved here but over the past 20 years or so it has definitely become a problem. Some people are very selfish road users.

  3. Sounds like the perfect day to me! Walking, reading, enjoying the scenery and the weather.


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