Hurrah for Harissa

Following a concersation with my GP last year I am now following a low-fat diet to manage my cholesterol levels.

I am always on the lookout for something to raise my meals above the bland and always chuck in chilli, garlic and whatever else I can lay my hands on.

I have recently discovered the joy of harissa paste - I know I am a bit late to this party.  However, after dragging out my magnifying glass, I find that the handy jar from the local supermarket has an alarming amount of sugar so I am off to find some easy recipes to make the stuff myself at home.


  1. Oh Lord, the print is so small on some things I need my magnifying glass, too! I even have one in my rucksack for reading the OS maps as the symbols can be minuscule. I haven't tried Harissa yet...

    1. Ha, ha. Even though I had cataract ops on each eye a couple of years ago which gave me good vision I do need to resort to the magnifying glass on a lot of the smallest print.
      I have found a recipe online to make my own harissa paste so will give it a try - without any sugar!
      By the way, thank you so much for commenting. I am new to this blogging malarkey and it is good to know that I am not just talking to myself all the time (although that has been known in real life).


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