Let there be light...

The Met Office has reminded us that yesterday was the spring equinox.

We are coming out of the seemingly endless, dark winter and the days are now getting longer and the evenings will be lighter.  We had remarked this week how good it was to sit at the supper table in the evening now and be able to look out at the garden instead of the darkness of the winter night.

Our location up here means that, although our winter nights are longer,  we correspondingly experience longer days than the south of the UK in the summer and at the solstice will still be trying to get off to sleep whilst it is daylight outside.  Not that I'm complaining - I get so fed up with the long, dark days of winter.

Looking forward to some warmer temperatures now - bring it on quickly please Mother Nature.


  1. Today there is still a sharp winter wind blowing here in the Yorkshire Dales.

    1. We have a persistent sea mist hanging over the hills making it feel cool and damp today.


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