Our Wild Wallabies

Did you know that we have a small population of wild wallabies up here in the Isle of Man?

It appears that a few escaped from the wildlife park back in 60s/70s and have since thrived on their own out in the countryside.

Apparently the curraghs (the local wetland area) provides the ideal environment for them and their numbers are increasing.

We have even seen one ourselves, albeit fleetingly, and they have unfortunately been the cause of a few road accidents too, as this BBC New item describes ...


Our local hospice has adopted the wallaby as the theme for this year's fundraising so we expect to see a lot more of them.


  1. I hadn't heard of this although I have friends on the Isle of Man

  2. I am sure they may have heard of it at some time. It often makes the news over here but probably not so much off-island. I was thinking of you today. Hope all is well with you.

  3. I didn’t know that either. I’d quite like a wallaby here in our Italian garden, actually I’d really like goats, as it is we get porcupine and wild boar. Do the wallabies do any damage to crops and gardens? Just asking I won’t be getting one.

    1. Hi Jenny. No they are quite shy and secretive creatures and are not known to enter gardens. They seem to exist in the wetland area and are only really an issue when they try to cross the road. That's when they sadly come off worse.


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