Patience is a Virtue...

... or so they say.  It was certainly a challenge for P yesterday morning.

We went on our weekly pilgrimage to Tesco and found a checkout with only one couple - two young women - ahead of us.  They seemed to have a checkout belt full of tinned food and nothing else but it was moving along reasonaby quickly. We unpacked our trolley onto the belt behind them and waited for our turn.

When it came to pay, the two young women took out a white A5 size envelope and tipped out a huge pile of assorted coins.  There then ensued a rather long winded process of laboriously picking up each coin and counting them out.

The poor cashier seemd a bit bemused and had trouble picking up all the coins and actually fitting them all into her cash drawer.

By this time P was tutting and remarking quite loudly on why they couldn't have at least sorted out the coins beforehand into coin bags or even changed them into notes before shopping.

Eventually, after paying and then checking through the bill item by item (!) it was our turn.

It seems they were employees of one of the larger local companies who had organised a fund-raising event to buy food for a local homeless charity.  So, the intentions were admirable.

On our way to load our shopping into the car we passed the two young women loading their boxes of tinned food into a rather large van that they had parked at an angle across two parking spaces.  Another of P's pet peeves!!


  1. In this case it was to help a good charity cause.

    1. Of course. And, being retired, we were not really in any hurry.

  2. Oh dear, I was getting quite ratty myself just reading it - and then of course you get to the bit about their
    reasons and although they could easily have counted it out and bagged it before they came, not sure that
    would have helped as the assistant might still have had to count it all. The thought was good though.


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