Poor You...

I have a natural tendancy to want to offer help and sympathy when P is ill or injured.

As a keen fell runner, he is quite regularly nursing one injury or another. However, he is also fiercely independent and rejects any offer of help, unless it comes from one of his running mates.

His most recent problem started quite spontaneously this morning when he tried to get out of bed.  He awoke with a pain behind his knee and could hardly walk.  As a measure of how much pain he was in he actually allowed me to fetch the ice pack from the freezer, plus a couple of Ibuprofen.

I suggested that perhaps he make an appointment to see the doctor but that was met with a frosty reception.  He has now just left in the car to visit his sports physio who he entrusts with everything his body now throws at him.

I have my fingers crossed that his driving is not impaired and that any physio treatment doesn't make things worse.

Over the years we have been together I have learned to now just shrug and say "poor you" .  I hope that will be enough.


  1. Best comment I think. I would have thought that a Sports Physio probably is a better bet than a doctor
    in this instance - but time will tell.

    1. Hopefully the physio has done the trick - unless it is the effect of all the painkillers he is taking!


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