Saturday - the weekend starts here...

I remember all those days as an office-bound 9-to-5-er how I longed for Saturday morning. No early morning alarm call to drag me from my sleep and propel me into the weekday working routine.

The downside in those days was that most Saturdays were spent catching up with all the boring housework tasks that I didn't have time for in the week.

The best thing about retirement for me is that I can laze in my bed dozing for as long as I like every day - well, within reason, as P gets fidgety if I am too late arising and tends to bang about in the bedroom, opening the curtains and rattling the doors etc.  So every day is Saturday now, except for my weekly Hospice day or a gift shop shift a couple of days each month.

Saturday mornings these days consist of lots of strong coffee (my favourite is Lavazza), a slice of toast and the Saturday edition of the newspaper with all those supplements to peruse.  We then share the crosswords, starting with the little easy one on the back page, then the cryptic one, then the large general knowledge one.



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