Snapshots of Florence

We spent a few days in Florence in early February - my first visit and inspired by my experience of the Rome trip back in December.

This time I went with P.  He had been before, but way back in 1975 with his first wife, so that doesn't count.

Florence is certainly a very attractive city with beautiful, slightly crumbling, architecture around every corner.  Even in a cool and sometimes grey February it is impressive.  We stayed in a hotel just behind the Duomo and so came out of the little alleway each morning to be confronted by the view of this most amazing building.  On the corner was the small workshop where we could stand and peer through the windows watching the craftsmen restoring statues and carvings.

My favourite time of day to study it up close was after dark when most of the huge crowds of tourists had disappeared.  I couldn't get enough of just looking up at the intricate carvings and the beautiful colours of the marble facade.

I am glad I visited and had the opportunity to appreciate all its glory.


  1. One of my favourite cities. After my first husband died in 1991 I spent a week in Florence and a week
    in Sienna alone - both lovely holidays - the weather was beautiful and the buildings, as you say, are awe-inspiring. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  2. I would gladly return as we didn't get to see everything we wanted to in our 4 days. Sorry to hear that you spent your time there alone, but I think it is such a beautiful place that it would make me feel uplifted somehow even if I were on my own.

  3. I visited back in 1977 during my college days when I spent a year abroad (in France). I had a dual major in fine arts and art history, and Florence was a dream come true. Everywhere I looked I saw something I had studied. Thanks for inspiring some beautiful memories!

  4. How beautiful, I've never been to Italy. I think Florence would be the perfect city to visit first.

    SSG xxx

    1. Hi SSG. Thanks for visiting my blog. I read yours on a regular basis to get a glimpse of Sydney life. Florence would be a great place for your first visit to Italy. Hope you manage a visit some time. JC x


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