We shall starve!

One of the downsides to living on an island is the impact the weather can have on our food supply chain.

Although we do try to buy locally produced food whenever possible, it is difficult to source locally grown coffee, bananas, oranges etc.  😉

The ferry service has been cancelled over the past few days due to the gale force winds in the Irish Sea so supermarket shelves have become pretty empty.  Yesterday, a friend who lives in the nearby small town drove into the capital to visit the only large supermarket we have on the island to do his weekly "big" shop.   P arrived whilst he was still out and asked his wife why he had bothered as the boat hadn't been able to sail for a couple of days. She replied that they never listen to the local news on the radio so hadn't known about the cancellations.  On his return, P asked her what her husband's reaction had been when he arrived back home after a futile journey.  Apparently he was not amused.

A lesson on the benefits of keeping up to date with local affairs.

On the plus side, an additional freighter has today been put on to catch up with the backlog of supplies, so we shall not starve after all.

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