Keep the Ball Rolling

Since I retired I have been spending more of my time at home in house slippers or flat shoes with no support.

This appears to have caused me to develop the condition plantar fasciitis, which is pain of the sole/arch of the foot.

P has a manual of runners' common ailments, which he has had need to consult over very many years, and he advised me to try the golf ball treatment.

When the pain starts, it is only intermittent thankfully, I just roll a golf ball back and forth beneath my foot for around 5 minutes and the pain disappears!

A quick and cheap remedy.


  1. My gardener has it at the moment and I have had it a few times over the years - at least it doesn't last for ever.

    1. Did you try the golf ball remedy when you suffered from it? I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it is.

  2. This is good to know JayCee; my sister in law suffers from it so I can pass this on. I wear my shoes/boots in the house and only change into slippers in the evening. I know it's more hygienic to take your shoes off in the house and all my grandchildren do it automatically - not down to me - but our wooden floors are so cold I keep mine on!


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