Our Greek Odyssey: Part one

At the end of last year British Airways had a sale offering very good fares to some European destinations.  As I had never visited Greece before, I decided to book a trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary this April.

We found a couple of interesting small pensions/hotels via an independent agent that specialises in walking, cycling and self-drive holidays and they were happy to book the accommodation for us.

I had decided that the town of Nafplio (or Nafplion) in the Peloponnese was the place I wanted to stay as it looked to be an interesting place within easy reach of Athens.

We had pre-booked a private car transfer to pick us up at the airport and drive us to our Pension. The trip was around 2 hours and Kostas, our very friendly driver, stopped off at the Corinth Canal along the way so that we could take a look from the bridge.  P had always wanted to see it as it was such an impressive feat of construction for its day.  We took the obligatory photos before it got too dark and settled back into our comfortable Mercedes taxi for the last part of the journey. 

Kostas pointed out some of the interesting sights along our route, including the wine growing area around Nemea which boded well for our forthcoming indulgences!

We arrived at the Pension around 8 p.m. and one of the owners was there to offer a very warm welcome.  I unpacked quickly (we hadn't brought much with us, as you can tell if you saw my previous post "Travelling Light").

Our Pension was quite high up in the Old Town, tucked just beneath the base of Nafplio's oldest castle, Acronafplia, so we had a wonderful view across the rooftops and over the bay.  It was already dark by this time and we were tired from our journey so we decided to just take a stroll around the sreets then go to bed.  Of course, the downside to being so high up is that there are an awful lot of steps to climb when you want to get back to your room!

The next morning we awoke to a beautiful sunrise and this view....

Part Two to follow........


  1. What a smart idea to book a private car to take you from the airport. Much easier than trying to drive a rental in an unfamiliar place when you are tired from travelling. The view from your window is spectacular!

    1. Thanks Sue. The private transfer was unfortunately not cheap but the alternatives would have been to pick up a taxi from the airport rank, which would have been even more expensive, or try to negotiate our way around the various bus and train options in an unfamilar country without sufficient language skills and getting on towards evening. As neither of us enjoy driving much these days the transfer won!

  2. You had a great driver. Our first stop after the airport is always the canal too.
    Lovely looking place to stay. In a real neighbourhood!

    1. Yes, he was lovely. So friendly and keen to point out places of interest along the way. We saw hime again a couple of times around the town whilst we were there and he always smiled and said hello.


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