Something Fishy

Monday morning started off grey and damp after Sunday's rain and wind.

I had some errands to run and P was off to help an elderly friend by painting the outside of her house, so he would be gone most of the day.  Peace and quiet!

After visiting the bank and dropping off the weekend newspapers to a friend - (he likes to read them even though they may be two days out of date) - I drove home the long way.  The road is less busy and  I love the views along the lanes.

By the time I reached home and put on a pot of coffee, the sun had come out.  I walked down to take a look at the fish pond and saw that everything had started to wake up.  The pond plants were in flower, albeit a bit battered after the weekend storm, and the fish were darting about.  We have around 30-40 of them now - they just keep on multiplying.....

I hope Spring is back again now and will not be disappearing again behind more storm clouds, although the forecast for the rest of this week is not looking good. 


  1. How I love your Marsh Marigolds. They were my farmer's favourite flower.

    1. They are rather cheerful aren't they?

    2. Oh, I just love your fish pond! Looks like a wonderful place to relax. We have a pond, and I do love to sit out by it in the warm weather. It has small minnows and many, many frogs. Once in a while we get a heron or some passing ducks or geese.

    3. Oh, ours is only tiny, although the fish population is stil growing! We do get a heron visiting on a regular basis on the lookout for a quick snack and I think he seems to have eaten all our frogs.


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