Unwanted Attention

It all began when good old British Airways and Marks & Spencers allowed hackers to steal their customers' online personal data.

We were advised that our details had been harvested and that we should change our credit card, which we did.

However, since then we have been bombarded with unwanted emails and the initial trickle is turning into a torrent.

The first one, several months ago, looked innocous enough to P who thought it was from a friend.  He unwisely clicked on the link in the message which took him to a website supposedly extolling the benefits of turmeric.  I was horrified when I found out and quickly ran a virus scan on the laptop, although I am not convinced that these always pick up all the *nasties*.

Since then we have been receiving more and more emails containing dubious links, which we delete straight away.  Today we started receiving a different type of message.  Addressed to My Dearest, Beloved in Jesus or something similar.  Although we delete all of them and add them to our blocked sender list it is starting to become very tiresome.  I am almost tempted to just unplug myself from the online world and become a hermit.

But then I wouldn't be able to buy all those shoes.


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    1. We were only affected because we had booked online with British Airways and I am an online customer of M&S. it is an irritation more than anything else.

    2. What a pain in the neck all that is! We get the same on our phones here in the US. Are you bothered by that too? Now the phone spammers use a program to make their calls look like they originate from the local area. For example, if your number is 356-9898, their call might come from 356-1234 to it looks like someone in your own town is calling you. So annoying. I just don't pick up calls anymore unless I know for sure who is calling. If it's something legitimate, I figure they will call back. But just like on the computer, it is annoying and takes up time that could better be spent doing something enjoyable!

    3. Hi Sue. Yes we also get the 'phone scammers. Ours tend to be from the Indian subcontinent, using a UK origin code, and usually pretend to be from Microsoft. We do tend to answer most calls as we run a small B&B from home and some calls may be from customers. The nuisance calls are very annoying, as you say. P now keeps a loud whistle by the 'phone and if he answers one of them he just blows the whisle into the receiver and hopes he has given them a headache. It doesn't stop them though as we are obviuosly on a preset dialling programme so the machine just keeps on dialling. It makes him feel better about it though!

  2. Oh this all sounds so familiar. I often feel the same, turning my back up on this online world becomes more attractive with each spam email or dodgy blog experience. Shame, because I really like Spam. Wish the IT nods hadn't settled on that name.
    And yes as above, when we go to the house in Sussex we are pestered by spam telephone calls and it angers me greatly that they are probably aimed at exploiting the vulnerable. Must get a whistle!
    Hugs, Mary.


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