Whilst shopping last week I saw some lamb kidneys on special offer so bought a pack to put in the freezer.

I decided to cook them last night and followed instructions from the good old BBC Food website as I hadn't cooked kidneys for more than 30 years and had forgotten what to do with them.

P had never had them before, except when included in a steak and kidney pie, and was a little apprehensive, not being a great offal fan.

I have to say that, even though I made sure to soak them first in milk and then cook them quickly using enough seasoning to appeal to a fussy eater, I was a little disappointed.  They did not seem to be as good as I remembered.  I don't know if my tastes have changed or if I am just a rubbish cook but I will not be cooking them again!


  1. I dont mind offal in general but dont know if I could eat kidneys by themselves. Mixed offal, usually fried or oven cooked we eat all the time and kidneys in the easter soup along with all the rest. Actually fried offal is ok because I pick out the bits I want to eat and leave the rest to the greeks.
    At least you tried!

    1. I agree that they would be better mixed with something else next time, maybe bacon bits?


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