My Name is JayCee and I am a Travel Addict

holiday obsession disorder......a person that constantly wants to be on holiday, and always finds opportunities to go on holiday, and when not on holiday the person may obsess or fantasise about being on one.  The person with the holiday obsession disorder may annoy friends or family by wanting to be on holiday most of the time. 
Oh dear.  British Airways announced a sale on Thursday.
I have booked another holiday, going next March.

Yes, I know we have already been away a couple of times already and have two more trips coming up later this year.  It is my dwindling pension pot and I'll spend it how I like!  


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    1. Not sure the eco-warriors would agree though :)

  2. I used to absolutely love to travel but now my partner, Pete, is a stay-at-home kind of guy and we have far to many animals to leave for any length of time. My daughter inherited my travel bug has travelled far and wide, even spending a year in Australia. Enjoy every minute of the anticipation and the travel!

    1. We want to see as much of the world as we can while we are still reasonably fit and able... and before the pension pot runs dry!

  3. good on you! March is a long time to wait but I guess you'll have half a dozen trips before then!!!

  4. If you don't do it now when would you? Go, JayCee, go!


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