Our Snow Trees

Driving along our lane the other day we remarked on how much blossom there was on the hawthorn trees everywhere.

Looking down on the fields it seemed that all the hedgerows were a mass of white, looking just like they had been sprinkled with snow.

I kept meaning to take a photo before they were past their best but the weather has been so awful that I didn't manage to get out.  However, today the sun came out and although I didn't make it along the lane, I did get these few snaps of the hawthorn along our own little stretch of hedgerow before it was too late to capture their blossom.

I also managed to catch these chaps having a snooze beside our fence....

.... and a couple of shots of the garden waking up at last...

A few bluebells hanging on still.

Please excuse the poor quality of the photos - I just used my 'phone camera.


  1. The May blossom is lovely everywhere and I immediately think how lucky the birds will be come Winter, but unfortunately they pull them off and drop them and many rot before they are eaten. You have a lovely vista of a garden.

    1. We shall hopefully have a good crop of berries this winter for the birds.

  2. How beautiful it all looks there! Love the darling sheep :) White blooming trees are so beautiful. Here in Georgia, the white Dogwoods are gorgeous, especially when planted nest to Japanese Maples with their deep burgundy foliage...

    1. Thank you for visiting my little blog. I'd bet that Georgia is pretty gorgeous too at this time of year.


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