Rain Stopped Play

This was the scene yesterday afternoon up on the mountain section of the TT course.

As you can see, the low cloud and misty conditions had already claimed one victim and it was decided to postpone the first practice session of this year's TT races until today (Sunday).

The roads around the course will therefore be closed for most of the afternoon and early evening, but I shall be busy here giving our guest annexe a thorough spring clean before our visitors arrive.

The annexe hasn't been used since last September so I shall expect to find a few spiders lurking in there.


  1. How many riders have been killed on the I.O.M. over the years? Not just competitors but regular motorcyclists too. It would be much safer if the TT races were switched to computer game screens.

  2. Always looks and sounds very dangerous to me.

  3. It seems that it is the danger that attracts both competitors and fans alike. There have been fatalities amongst the competitors during races and practice sessions over the years but they always say, we know the risks and are prepared to take our chances. Most of the visitor fatalities have been caused by riding too fast on open public roads and errors of judgement, much like elsewhere in the world I expect.

  4. Phew that looks nasty. Hope the spiders weren't too big and scary lol

    1. I cheated and got P to Hoover them up for me 😁


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