Which Way?

The local constabulary recently posted a report of a motorist who was stopped as they passed through this No Entry sign, going against the one-way traffic coming down off the mountain section of the TT course.

As someone commented on the post...

Oh look, traffic lights, loads of cones, no entry signs & a big sign that says to turn right. I know, I'll just drive round it, against flow of 1-way traffic onto a road with no speed restrictions, no cones & vehicles travelling towards me, some doing more than 70mph.


  1. It is this sort of thing that begins to put me off driving altogether.

    1. I agree. We no longer choose to drive when we go away. It is too stressful.

  2. Unbelievable. Sounds like scooter riders here who think they can go anywhere, even up on the footpath

  3. That scenario would have confused me - there are too many small signals/signs so it would take a few moments at minimum while at the wheel for me to process that they all add up to do not enter; go right instead. I had to look at the photo for quite a while before I got it. I think the two no entry symbols are set way too far back; bringing them up front would help as would consolidating the many colors and shapes of little signs into one two large clear ones: NO ENTRY & DETOUR RIGHT.


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