A Bumpy Landing

We had a smooth flight over yesterday afternoon,  aided by the cabin crew who cheerfully dispensed copious quantities of a New Zealand sauvignon blanc.  I was in a window seat and had a great view of the rock rising out of the mist as we approached to land.

I had heard that pilots need a special licence to be able to land at Gibraltar as it is a tricky airport location.

As you can see from my little video here, the approach was smooth but the ending was a little rough!


  1. Taking off from Gibraltar en route for Marrakech is a bit hairy as the runway suddenly runs out and there is nothing in front of you but sea (and air of course). Enjoy your time there

    1. It was fine approaching the runway but a bit of a thump on touchdown. Hopefully takeoff will smother 🙄

  2. I hate the bump the plane makes as it lands. Otherwise I'm fine. Once when I flew to Toronto aged 16 there was such turbulence the drink I had in my hand flew up in the air and down to the floor. Strangely, I wasn't at all frightened. I think if it happened now I'd probably have heart failure!


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