Alka Seltzer on tap

There appears to have been a burst water main somewhere along the line recently as, for the past few days, our water has been coming out of the tap distinctly fizzy.

This is a glass just poured straight from the tap. Looks and tastes just like Alka Seltzer.  It does clear slowly if left to stand for a while.  The shower and washing machine are also spluttering like mad when they fill due to the air in the pipes.

Hopefully it should settle down in a few days.


  1. I have had something similar in the past and I think you are right about the reason for it.

    1. It seems to happen here quite frequently. It takes days to get back to normal.

    2. We get it occasionally but more often than not, ours smells like a swimming pool, usually after a burst main, when they need to flush the pipes for safety.

    3. Yuck. It must taste awful with so much chlorine in it?


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