An Early Start

I had a GP appointment booked for 9:15 this morning which meant that I had to get up a little earlier than usual.

Now, most people would think that 9:15 a.m. is not particularly early, and it probably isn't.  Before I retired I used to be at the office for 8:00 a.m. every day, which meant setting the alarm for 6:30.

Nowadays, I struggle to wake up before 8:30, so this morning was more of a challenge for my poor befuddled brain.

I made it there in plenty of time and waited *patiently* with all the coughers and sneezers until it was my turn.  It seems, however, that it was a wasted trip.  I had been called in for a review of my long-term medication which, it turned out, isn't due for another month or so.  Apparently the locum GP I saw last time forgot to tick the right box.  Oh well. I had my blood pressure taken and had a little walk around before coming back home for a strong coffee.


  1. Not fair, though I must admit that when I do get up early I always love those ealry morning hours and vow to wake up earlier every day. Then I get up again at 8.30. 8.30am is a civilised hour for a leisurely living!

  2. I prefer 8:30 to 6:30 these days!

  3. I usually get up at 7. I would love to sleep later some days, but the dogs and cats have their internal alarm clocks set for breakfast time! Hope you don't pick anything up from those sneezers and coughers!

  4. Since I retired I have also "slept in" most mornings. What a pain to have made it to your appointment only to discover that the practice had screwed up.

  5. I usually wake sometime between 7/.7.15 and then read or " play" on the iPad until I get up around 8. Dogs need to be let out and fed !

  6. With no dogs, cats or other animals to feed I have the luxury of sleeping-in, oh, except for P who throws open the curtains and crashes around the room when he wants me to make breakfast.

  7. I find since I retired that I go to bed later than when I worked (I was usually in bed by 10 pm or soon after) and I wake up/get up earlier. I don't understand it at all but it's suiting me!

    1. I go to bed later and wake up later - when I am allowed to!


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