Another little jaunt

As our current B&B bookings are non-existent, we have decided to go away for a long weekend break, at very short notice. We are in desperate need of a break from all the rain.

Unfortunately, what would be a reasonably priced 3 night break for those living in mainland UK turns out to be a rather more costly affair for us when you factor in the additional flights to get on and off the island plus overnight accommodation at the UK airport out and back.

I know, it's all our fault for choosing to live here but we like it so "them's the breaks" as someone said.  

So, be prepared for some more boring photos from our travels coming soon (WiFi access permitting as usual).

PS:  The sun has decided to shine today - typical!


  1. I have other friends on the Isle of Man and they say the same.

  2. Have fun in the sun! And send loads of photos

  3. Thank you. Be careful what you wish for LA. You may find the photos boring!


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