Gibraltar: Tuesday

After enjoying a pleasant drink in the bar of our hotel and watching the sun set over Algeciras on .Monday evening, we awoke the next morning to a glorious sunny day.

We decided go spend our first day walking around and generally exploring the streets. 
Our hotel is close to the tiny Trafalgar Cemetary. An interesting little oasis.

After heading down Main Street,  a typical shopping and tourist area, we then ventured down to the marina and on to the dockyard (not the most attractive part of the city).

We had intended to walk around the headland to Europa Point, the southernmost tip of mainland Europe but the dockyard  comes to a dead end so we retraced our steps back up the steep hill to the upper road.

This route involves walking through a few road tunnels,  blasted out of the rock.

We eventually made it to Europa Point where it was pretty windy. I was almost blown off my feet by one gust. We had a salad and a bottle of water in the cafe (eyewatering prices but we were hungry and thirsty after walking for 4 hours in the heat).

I took a couple of snaps of Africa before we hopped on a bus back to the hotel for a cup of tea and a rest.

Suitably refreshed,  we went for another walk, this time around the Alameda Gardens, before heading back for tapas and cava on our balcony.


  1. Glad you are having a good time and good weather.

  2. What great pictures. They really give an idea of the flavor of the place. I know you're enjoying the sun and blue skies!

  3. Thank you. We certainly experienced sun and heat!

  4. It all looks wonderful. I really liked the art deco lettering on the name of the hotel. Fancy being able to see Africa so clearly!

    1. It was surprising how close we were to Africa. Great views.


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