Leaving the rain behind

This was the scene yesterday evening, waiting for our -delayed-flight over to London.

The rain seems to have been incessant all spring and now into summer and we are desperate for some sunshine. 

We arrived at our airport hotel very late last night but had a blissful sleep,  thanks to the very comfortable large twin beds. No P to keep me awake with his twitching and thrashing around!

We are now ensconced in the airport lounge to await our flight to some warmth and sunshine. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I shall post some photos of the sun to remind everyone what it is like

  2. As I've started with this post i;m not sure where you're going but have a lovely break and I hope you have lots of sunshine!

    1. Thanks Vronni. Plenty of sunshine so far!

  3. Have a damn good holiday and come back with a tan!!!


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