Night Vision

Last night we had supper with friends to celebrate a birthday.  I offered to drive so that P could enjoy a few glasses of fizz with the others.  I don't touch alcohol if I am driving.  He usually drives if we go out at night as, although my eyesight is generally good,  my night vision is poor following my cataract surgery.

It is only a 20 minute drive to our friends' house but it is all on unlit, winding country roads and in the dark I find the headlights from oncoming vehicles tend to blind me.

Last night we stayed quite late and, although the nights are usually very short up here at this time of year,  yesterday had been very overcast and gloomy.  I found the journey home to be a little challenging and was grateful that the roads were very quiet,  being close to midnight on a Wednesday. 

P always says he is happy to drive when we go out at night but I am not comfortable being a passenger with someone who has had a few glasses of wine. I have tried those anti glare glasses for driving but they just make it worse.  They probably are more effective if you are driving where there are street lights as, otherwise, they make everything much too dark to see properly. 

If anyone has any tips on how to combat headlight glare, please share!


  1. I am exactly the same and now I never drive after dark.

    1. I don't think I shall do it very often. It is very frustrating to be so limited.

  2. It's those bright LED lights I don't like. Apart from their dazzling brightness, they don't really look like car headlights - they seem the wrong size, and because you can't see beyond them it is so easy, especially when wet, to think it's just a reflection from another light. Once or twice I've driven out when I really shouldn't have. I'm training myself now to look and look again and again before moving out or turning.

  3. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I realised driving back to Donegal one night that I was really tense and uncomfortable and felt blinded by the lights of oncoming cars - and I have anti glare coating on my glasses which I always wear for night time driving! My OH hates driving at night and likes a drink so it's usually me that does the night time driving. I'm finding now I will try organise my days so as to avoid driving at night, if at all possible but I won't let it restrict me too much. My best friend won't drive anywhere when it's dark.


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