A New Career?

Sunday morning walk with the girls...

 "I fancy another girl's holiday away somewhere"

"Me too, but I can only go the first week in August"

"OK, well that's OK with me"

Me:   "And me."

"I fancy Verona or the Italian Lakes"

"Sounds good"

"But I can only fly from Manchester and only on one of these 2 dates"

"Right.  OK then"

"I would like a week, with a little apartment to share"

"I would prefer 4 or 5 days or I'll get bored"

"What about Spain or Austria?"

"OK. We'll ask the travel agent who did our Rome trip to put something togther. He can get an itinerary for us on Monday"

Tuesday morning:

"Still nothing. Time is getting on. JayCee can sort something for us as she is good at planning trips"

Me:  "Oh right. I'll see what I can do"

5 hours of researching and planning later and three prospective trips sent to the girls for approval.

Now have to wait and see if anyone still wants to go!


  1. THe Chippendales are touring Scandinavia in September!

    1. Hmmmm. Not exactly what we are looking for in terms of culture but if you are interested then go for it.

    2. Whaddya mean? I am a member of The Chippendales!

    3. Of course - our leopard print posing pouches are tailor made.

  2. Ha ha, you're an experienced traveller all right. Trust you can sort out all those different needs and wants!!!


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