Near Miss

Well, three to be exact and all on the way home from my hospice stint this afternoon.

My route takes me along a narrow back road with lots of bends.  The first near miss was a huge dairy tanker bowling along quite fast and meandering across the white line straight towards me.  Luckily I was not driving too fast and managed to swerve in towards the grass bank, but my heart was beating quite fast afterwards.  He was pretty big.

A matter of a minute or so later, a dark blue panel van rounded the bend too fast across the central line and barely missed me.

By this time I was beginning to think that my car was invisible.

Once onto the "main" road I was approaching a line of traffic cones on my left but with room enough for two way traffic. Half way along the line a large digger came towards me carrying a very wide metal object in front which hung over the sides quite a way. I did squeeze over as far as I could alongside the cones but it narrowly missed the side of my car.

I am tempted to give up driving after today.


  1. Some days it's like that. Anyway, if they come in threes then that's your share for a while.

  2. Phew - glad you survived that journey.
    Lots of the roads close to home are narrow country roads just one car wide and I guarantee that if I meet someone it will be on a blind bend! I creep round all corners now

    1. Must be awkward meeting a tractor coming the other way!

  3. Happens to the best of us on these country roads.

  4. Phew, those were close shaves. Three, and it's over! Hopefully. I'm always having close shaves with all the holiday traffic and scooters that pull out without even glancing at the road.
    I count mine in 3s and then hope it's over for the day!
    May it always just be close shaves, though a road of careful drivers would be preferable!

  5. Yes, I've had days like that. It seems that all the idiots come out at once and go for a drive...


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