A Bid For Freedom

We have had a reasonably good crop of peas so far this summer and have been able to pick a decent bowlful most days for our evening meal.

I usually quite enjoy the process of shelling them and popping the little green juicy peas out of their pods. This afternoon's batch, however, seemed unwilling to cooperate.  The pods were quite tough and it was difficult to pop them open.

Several young peas made a bid for freedom and are now lurking somewhere beneath the washing machine.


  1. Next time you see them they'll be black and shrivelled and you'll wonder what they are. (You could try batting them out with a cane or a ruler).

    1. The washing machine is tucked into a small cupboard so I will need to do my Houdini impression to get them out.

  2. Escapee peas eh? They learn the art as the season goes on.

  3. Your pees are green...mine are the colour of Chardonnay.


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