Donna Leon

I have just finished reading the latest in the Commisario Brunetti series of novels by Donna Leon , Unto Us A Son Is Given.

I must have read nearly all of the books in the series since she started them in the 1990s and have enjoyed them all.  I love her wry take on the day to day trivia of Venetian life and the way that the police and judicial bureacracy works, or doesn't work.

I find her characters engaging, well all bar one that I personally find jarring but that doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment of each novel.

Each novel is a gentle stroll through murder and intrigue in the canals and labyrinths of modern day Venice and touches on the corruption and venality of officialdom, but handled with a deft touch.

Easy reading and with quite enjoyable descriptions of the various meals that the Comissario indulges in along the way.


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    1. I can get quite engrossed in one of her books and almost finish it in a day.


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