Keeping a Meat Eater Happy

As part of my low cholesterol diet I am trying to eat less meat, however,  this does not always go down too well with P.

On Monday I bought two thick cut tuna steaks on special offer and cooked them for supper hoping it would make an acceptable alternative to a meat dish. 

Marinated in a harissa paste then seared and served with patatas bravas and stir fried veg,  P grudgingly agreed that he liked it.

Phew. Back to sausages for him though tomorrow.


  1. Haven't eaten meat for a long time now and am happily vegetarian, although we do have fish and dairy produce. Used to say my wife was the stricter vegetarian and I lived under a regime of vegetyranny.

  2. Ha, ha. I like it. I do still enjoy eating meat. I was always a bit of a carnivore but I have elected to eat less now as I have been on a low cholesterol diet for the past year or so. My challenge has been to find alternative meals that are still interesting, but I am learning as I go.

  3. I went on a low cholesterol diet 10 years ago when a doctor casually said my cholesterol was sky high following a voluntary test and he was going to put me on statins. I said no thank you and said I would control it by diet. He gave me seven months to do it. I did not stop eating meat but gave up alcohol, all dairy - milk, butter, and cheese, cakes, biscuits and white bread and eggs and took a teaspoon of crushed linseed everyday. I returned in 7 months, had halved my cholesterol and have never been back since. I still don't eat cheese or drink milk or alcohol but I have returned to most of the other things. Good luck. (I used to eat rye bread if I wanted bread).

    1. I was told that my high cholesterol was due to a thyroid deficiency and could be controlled by diet. I have given up cheese, butter, cakes, biscuits and most processed foods and I do eat rye bread and rye crackers. I haven't been able to give up alcohol though and still have a couple of glasses of wine each night. In the past year I have managed to lose just over 2 stones too, so that's good (I was becoming quite overweight).

    2. Alcohol is quite significant to cholesterol production. If you want a good cholesterol reading when you go back to the doctor I would give it up for a few months beforehand.

    3. I started drinking again soon after I had the test result but gave up 18 months ago. I don't miss it so decided that I might as well stay off it.


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