Yesterday evening we went with friends to a local hostelry which has recently reopened under new management.  It is a tiny little place tucked away in one of the little side streets leading down to the quayside from the market square.

Thursday night is steak night, where they offer two steak dinners with a bottle of house wine for £30.  I chose a fish option instead and when it arrived it came with a little basket of chips, which I haven't eaten in well over a year.

P suggested that I ask them to change it for a bowl of veg instead but as the other meals had arrived and I didn't want to wait for the veg to be prepared I decided to keep the chips.

I was quite hungry and as the fish did not come with any other veg or salad, I ate all the chips.

I shall not be able to fit into all my new smaller-sized trousers now!

No - this NOT me!


  1. How very shocking! You ate some chips! This is bound to make the front page of "The IOM Today". Small children will point at you as you wobble down the street.

  2. Exactly. It is a slippery slope.... I shall eventually become known as Mrs Blobby.

    1. I think I saw your husband on TV once. He was with a chap called Noel Edmonds.

  3. If you haven't had them for a year then you are allowed them.

  4. Good on you. Veges with fish, no, it's got to be chips!!


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