Do It NOW!

Has anyone else been irritated by that relentless TV ad that was running more or less permanently over the past year, telling us all to claim for PPI mis-selling?

I was reminded of it again this morning.

Yesterday  P said that the cane furniture in the annexe sunroom needed to be covered up for the autumn/winter season, however, as I am currently using the room to dry the mountain of washing left over from our visitors I said it would need to wait.  This morning he was in Energizer Bunny mode, rushing in and out of every room with vacuum cleaner and floor cloth and making a big show of being busy. When I saw him with the bag of dust sheets I had to put down my book and follow him as I knew where he was heading.

He was already throwing the sheets over the furniture before I could remove the cushions and throws ( they usually get safely stored away to prevent any damage from our damp winters).

Somehow, I seemed to see that annoying Arnie head on wheels whizzing around the house screaming *Do it now!*


  1. Sounds more like that one where the guy is talking to the camera and eveyone in the background is having accidents.

    1. Oh yes, that too. He has slowed down now and is sitting out in the garden with tea and biscuits enjoying the sunshine (peace at last).


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