Grrrr... Banks!

Next month we are going to Tasmania to travel with some Aussie friends.

To make things easier, we thought we would transfer some money to their account for car hire and accommodation expenses in advance.

I logged onto our bank account this morning and set up the transfer. When I had not received the expected email confirmation by this evening I went to log into our account to see if it had gone through.  Lo and behold, our account has been suspended (suspected fraud probably) and a telephone number given to contact them. Except we cannot get through to anyone... all our lines are busy,  please wait at least 30 minutes.

Sheesh... they close all the branches to force you to use online banking then they make it impossible to do anything that could have been done in 5 minutes in the local branch. 

I hate banks.....😡


  1. They are quite lawless. I'm annoyed by the new rules that won't allow you to log on with just a password any more. With our bank you now have to piss about using their stupid code generating gadget even if it's only to check your statement/balance.

  2. Still can't get through to anyone. Going to bed now and will try to sleep without worrying about how to get our bank account back.

  3. I miss the bank branch help although the mobile apps are very good. The bank will have stopped your account for your own protection of course as you will know but it doesn't make it any less frustrating especially when you can't get through to them on the phone. Good luck with them this morning.

  4. I hate Arron Banks but I didn't hate Gordon Banks. When it came to saving, he was yer man!
    P.S. I am seething with envy about your trip to Tasmania. You lucky *******s!

  5. P managed to speak to someone this morning. I am no use as I struggle to hear clearly on the 'phone. It seems that when the automated telephone system rang our home landline number for me to give the code, it detected our answering machine and identified it as a third party listening in so suspended our account. The answering machine is built into the 'phone so I shall have to remember to disable it next time. At least I can pay our bills now.


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