A few moments ago, P emerged from the office where he had been playing Solitaire on MY laptop and excitedly ran to the patio doors and out into the garden.

Flying very low over the garden was an RAF Hercules. He said that the sound was very distinctive from inside the house and that he knew straight away what it was.  I, of course, can hear nothing so I have to take his word for it.

It appeared to be coming from the direction of Scotland and going over in the direction of Wales.

We got a good view of it as it passed overhead.  I waved to the crew but they didn't wave back.


  1. Very familiar with them here. I also wave and duck at the same time.

    1. We don't often get anything interesting up here, apart from when the Red Arrows used to come over during the TT.

    2. And he's right about the sound.

  2. I thought that Hercules was the horse in "Steptoe and Son".

  3. The aircraft equivalent of a bumble bee.


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