Miserable Monday

This morning is cool and wet - 12C with a steady drizzle.

P has gone off to visit an elderly friend and I am waiting in for a delivery - hopefully a case of wine will turn up soon.

I am making up another batch of carrot soup with the last of our crop and still ploughing my way through the mounds of washing now that I have stripped out the guest annexe following the departure of our last guests.

Washing it all is the easy part - getting it dry is difficult in this weather.

We are off to Worcestershire in a couple of weeks to visit friends we haven't seen for a year or two.  Looking forward to seeing their new house and catching up.

The nights are definitely much cooler now. I haven't resorted yet to the winter duvets but I have popped my bathrobe on top of the bed a few times for extra warmth.

How many days until Christmas did you say?


  1. I never mentioned Christmas. By the way, it was honey warm by the pool in Croatia today. I had a long swim in the sea - out to a distant buoy and back, and then I let the sun's rays dry me. Please don't be jealous.

  2. Jealous? Moi? We are wearing our sweaters and have succumbed to switching on the heating now. At least it has stopped raining. How could I be jealous?

  3. I refuse to even mention the word until November.

    1. Sorry! Our cold snap has made me think about winter already and we have hardly started on autumn!


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