Pork with Apple and Ginger

Another boring supper post I'm afraid.

Tonight was pork loin steaks cooked very quickly in the pressure cooker as I have been suffering all last night and today with a severe bout of hayfever symptoms and did not want to faff about too much.

I added some dried chilli flakes, ground cumin and coriander to a tablespoon of olive oil and heated them in the pressure cooker. Added two pork loin steaks and browned them both sides. Then added some diced apple (a large Andrew Johnson variety from our neighbour's tree) , carrot and a small potato (to thicken the broth).  When all coated and browned I added a tin of chickpeas, some boiling water from the kettle and a tablespoon of ginger puree from a tube.  Bring to pressure and cook for 20 minutes.

After 20  minutes, I brought down the pressure, opened the lid and added some fresh peas from the garden and a diced courgette, brought back up to a boil and added a little oat bran to thicken.  After about 5 minutes it was ready.

For P, I had also roasted a couple of baby new potatoes from the garden.

I am hoping that my usual antihistamines and prescription nasal spray help me to at least get some sleep tonight. Or the couple of large glasses of wine I had with supper may do the trick.


  1. "Cooking With JayCee" Channel 4 9pm.
    It was distressing to learn that you roasted a couple of baby potatoes. How do you think the mummy potato must be feeling right now?

  2. Mama potato was already in the previous night's meal. Yum.


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