Rain, Rain Go Away

I have been reading today's news reports of the torrential rain and flooding across parts of the UK.  

Typical. After weeks of late summer sunshine and high temperatures in England, the weather takes a turn for the worse the day before we are due to visit friends in the Vale of Evesham, one of the areas currently a tad damp.

The forecast is for cool temperatures and showers for the whole period we shall be there, so some of our planned trips to National Trust properties may have to be cancelled.

However, we have not seen our friends for a few years now so it will be good to see their new home and to catch up with them, sharing gossip, good food and probably some wine.

On our last visit we slept in their daughter's tiny bed while she went to have an extended sleepover with a friend.  That meant no sleep for me sharing with Mr Restless.  I really hope they have bought something a little bigger since then or I may end up sleeping in an armchair for the week.


  1. If they haven't, pop out and buy a camping mat.

  2. Mr Restless? Isn't he one of The Mister Men created by Roger Hargreaves? I think he is the big purple one with the jazz hands. Wasn't P jealous?

    1. P was too busy running a marathon and throwing the discus in his sleep to notice.

  3. You should be able to talk to them about the sleeping arrangements before you go.

  4. Hope you have a lovely time and that the weather perks up a bit for you!


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