Silverdale Glen

This morning promised fine weather so we went out for a trip down south.

First stop was Castletown for a coffee and a stroll around.

On the way home P suggested a stop at Silverdale Glen as he wanted to take a look at the Victorian water powered roundabout.

It is a pretty little place for a walk with a small stream, mill and boating lake.

This little place is named for the Silverburn River which flows through the glen.

The roundabout was not in use today, given it is a weekday out of season so no children about, but we had a good look around.  It dates from around 1890 and is apparently the only surviving, working example in the British Isles and Europe. 

For anyone who is interested, there is a very good short article on the website with some history of the site...


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    1. He's great isn't he? It is a little bench for the children - they sit on the palm of his hand.

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    1. It is a very popular plsce in the summer. Quiet today though.

  3. Who's the big beardie fellow? He looks like Jesus to me. I thought he came from Nazareth. Is that near Silverburn Glen?

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, he is just an ordinary wizard.

  4. How lovely and the sculpture was beautiful. It's always good to have some unique things to one's area!

    1. We hadn't visited this glen for about 20 years and were pleasantly surprised.


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