Today was a day of rest, well for me anyway. P decided that the windows needed cleaning then he wanted to cut back a lot of untidy trees and shrubs in the garden,  he did pop back inside on and off to listen to the test match. The result cheered him up anyway.

I stripped the bedding, changed it and put a couple of loads in the washing machine, although it is hard to get it all dry with our current weather.  Although we have a tumble dryer I am not keen on the end results when I use it. The sheets seem limp and tired afterwards so I prefer to let them dry naturally. 

Tonight's supper was pesto chicken with roasted cubed potatoes,  peppers and mushrooms with a glass of ginger beer.  I like the Belvoir ginger beer as it has no artificial additives. 

I am hoping that the weather clears up tomorrow as I am volunteering at the gift shop and will need a brisk walk there and back.


  1. Poor P! Peregrine? Percy? Piers? You make him work like a dog while you eat grapes on your chaise longue as you flick through the latest edition of "Hello!" magazine.


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