The Huon Peninsula And a Duck Billed Platypus

Wednesday.  We spent the day driving around the beautiful Huon Peninsula south of Hobart.

Geeveston has a resident population of duck billed platypus in the creek. We saw one!

 Some scenes along the way.

A Full Day

Tuesday.  After waking early and watching the sun rise we had a pretty full day.

P and T went for a run around the bay before breakfast then we set off to drive up to the top of Mount Wellington which rises up behind Hobart.

It was bright but cool at that time of the day and when we arrived at the lookout point the wind was so strong up there it was difficult to stand upright. Great views though.

After surveying the town of Hobart from above we drove down to Hobart, stopping at the Cascade Brewery on the way for coffee and cake and a stroll around the gardens.  By now the sun was out and it was 28C.

Hobart is a small town with quite a lot of heritage buildings still remaining.

There is a fountain dedicated to Abel Tasman in the square near Government House.

A cruise ship was berthed; dwarfing all the dockside buildings.

Apartments built into disused grain silos. Very clever.

I thought Hobart was a lovely town and would happily gave spent more time there.

After a couple of hours walking around we drove out to the historic own of Richmond and the  heritage site of Richmond Gaol. It is small but very interesting. 

Back home to our rental accommodation for a shower and then a very pleasant evening with the owners who live next door and had kindly invited us to dinner.

A full day.


We met our friends T and J at Melbourne airport yesterday afternoon and arrived in Hobart after a very pleasant flight at around 6 pm.

A short drive to our rental accommodation in Rose Bay then dinner in a pub restaurant looking out over the lights of Hobart.

I awoke early and just managed to catch the sunrise on my rubbish old phone camera.

Looks like it should be a sunny day today.

A Change In The Weather

After yesterday's beautiful sunshine we had heavy rain and a few rumbles of thunder today.

We were not too bothered as a reunion was planned with the group of friends P knew from the time he lived here back in the 1970s.

A very pleasant lunch at a very reasonable price in a local restaurant then all back to F and Ls house for coffee and cake. And lots of laughing.

Down Under

We finally arrived here in Melbourne at 9:30 pm on Wednesday night, pretty tired after a sleepless 7 hour flight from Singapore.

As you can see here, this classy gentleman in front of us shared his bare smelly feet with the whole cabin....

Our friends F and L were there to collect us and drive us the 45 minutes to their home in the suburbs.  After a cup of tea and a bit of a catch up we were falling asleep at the table so toddled off to bed at midnight.

Thursday morning was a drive down along the Mornington Peninsula admiring the views over the Bay then lunch on a hotel decking sitting outside under the parasol. The sun was shining and the temperature was around 30C. 

It has been great catching up with our friends' news since our last visit here 6 years ago. 

Today has been a lazy day, gradually getting over the jetlag which keeps creeping up on us. Nodding off at regular intervals then not being able to sleep at night. Hopefully we should be over it by Monday when we meet our other friends at the airport for our flight over to Tasmania.

Long haul travel is not for wimps!

On Our Way

We left the island on the last flight out on Saturday evening and arrived at Gatwick Airport around 10 pm.

Sunday morning, after a late breakfast we were off to Heathrow Airport - two trains and a couple of hops on the Tube.

Another airport hotel stay and then our flight to Copenhagen on Monday.

We arrived around 4pm and dumped our bags in our hotel room before taking the metro into the city. A quick and easy journey. It was already getting dark by then. We had a walk around for a while but then it started to rain so we ducked into a rather.nice pub/restaurant for a meal and a beer. Copenhagen is not a cheap place to eat. One burger and fries, one pasta carbonara and two beers came to the equivalent of £40. Another short metro ride back to the airport and our third overnight stay in an airport hotel. 

Tuesday morning and first in the Singapore Airlines check in queue.  Time for a healthy breakfast in the lounge then boarding our midday flight to Singapore.

A Singapore Sling was a welcome start. Two glasses of champagne with the meal also helped pass the time on the eleven hour flight.

We are now in the departure lounge at Changi Airport trying to stay awake before our onward flight down to Melbourne.

I think I may sleep well on that one.