Down Under

We finally arrived here in Melbourne at 9:30 pm on Wednesday night, pretty tired after a sleepless 7 hour flight from Singapore.

As you can see here, this classy gentleman in front of us shared his bare smelly feet with the whole cabin....

Our friends F and L were there to collect us and drive us the 45 minutes to their home in the suburbs.  After a cup of tea and a bit of a catch up we were falling asleep at the table so toddled off to bed at midnight.

Thursday morning was a drive down along the Mornington Peninsula admiring the views over the Bay then lunch on a hotel decking sitting outside under the parasol. The sun was shining and the temperature was around 30C. 

It has been great catching up with our friends' news since our last visit here 6 years ago. 

Today has been a lazy day, gradually getting over the jetlag which keeps creeping up on us. Nodding off at regular intervals then not being able to sleep at night. Hopefully we should be over it by Monday when we meet our other friends at the airport for our flight over to Tasmania.

Long haul travel is not for wimps!


  1. It seems bright there. I hope you remembered your designer sunglasses. Is Peregrine wearing his knotted handkerchief?

  2. Super photos. Is beer and food expensive in Melbourne?

    1. It depends where you go. Beer is around £3.50 per pint and that is the Aussie lager type beer not British bitter etc. Food varies a lot. We paid around £13 for our lunch main course yesterday but only £7 today. Both were substantial meals.

  3. Too right in that last sentence which is why I stay at home these days.

  4. So true! (your last sentence) Have a wonderful time with your friends.

  5. What wonderful photos. Reminds me of our last trip to Australia, though it was over the other side to Perth.
    And great weather!
    Keep on enjoying yourselves!

  6. Beautiful photos! It's all sounding idyllic...


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