Monday, Feels Like Sunday

We slept in this morning after a late night with friends and a glass of wine too many.

I had to collect my prescription from the GP surgery so we roused ourselves enough to go out after coffee to pick it up.  The car park was unusually empty and there were not many people about.  The pharmacy said my prescription would be ready in ten minutes so we had a stroll around the quiet streets and down to the Promenade for some fresh air.

On the way back we popped into the small local supermarket to pick up a couple of things I needed to pack for our big trip away this weekend.  Only 2 or 3 customers and no queue at the till.

Lunch was some of last night's leftovers (still plenty left).

P has now gone for a run up Peel Hill while I have a cup of tea and generally slob out on the sofa.

Feels like Sunday to me.


  1. My Monday feels just the same. A drizzly, grey day in which nothing remarkable is likely to happen. I am watching BBC Parliament and wishing the screen was playing an interactive video game so that I could zap Billy Liar (The P.M.) to smithereens.

    1. I have loads of things that need to be done but no motivation to do anything. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day, or so I have been told.

  2. Replies
    1. I have consumed half my body weight in rich tea biscuits so far this afternoon.

  3. It sounds like the perfect day to me! Everything went the way you wanted it to...


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