On Our Way

We left the island on the last flight out on Saturday evening and arrived at Gatwick Airport around 10 pm.

Sunday morning, after a late breakfast we were off to Heathrow Airport - two trains and a couple of hops on the Tube.

Another airport hotel stay and then our flight to Copenhagen on Monday.

We arrived around 4pm and dumped our bags in our hotel room before taking the metro into the city. A quick and easy journey. It was already getting dark by then. We had a walk around for a while but then it started to rain so we ducked into a rather.nice pub/restaurant for a meal and a beer. Copenhagen is not a cheap place to eat. One burger and fries, one pasta carbonara and two beers came to the equivalent of £40. Another short metro ride back to the airport and our third overnight stay in an airport hotel. 

Tuesday morning and first in the Singapore Airlines check in queue.  Time for a healthy breakfast in the lounge then boarding our midday flight to Singapore.

A Singapore Sling was a welcome start. Two glasses of champagne with the meal also helped pass the time on the eleven hour flight.

We are now in the departure lounge at Changi Airport trying to stay awake before our onward flight down to Melbourne.

I think I may sleep well on that one.


  1. Gosh....I hope that your holiday is worth all that travelling, and hotels etc. Don't think I could do it!

  2. Enjoy your long trip. I wish I could do it.

  3. You sound like you must be a very fit person to do all this. I am pleased all the connections have gone well.

  4. Thanks for the travel update JayCee. Soon the marathon journey will be over and you will be able to enjoy Tasmania. I am already looking forward to your photographs.

  5. Looking forward to your photographs - in the meantime sleep well.

  6. Do you have family in Australia? It is a long way to go so I hope you are staying for a while.

  7. Hope you have a great holiday. I won't be going to Copenhagen with those drink prices.

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments. Arrived safely and now getting over the jetlag.

    1. Thanks Jaycee. Glad you are there. Now the fun can begin.

  9. Sounds like a marathon journey! Have a fab time...


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