The Stone Loaf

Recently, blogger Yorkshire Pudding posted some photos of hag stones that he had collected (stones with perfect holes worn in them) and I was prompted to think about my "stone loaf".

Many years ago P dug it up from the garden. It appears to be some kind of quartz rock and had been split in two at some point.

The shape and colouring instantly reminded me of a cut loaf of bread and it has been sitting on our dining room window sill for the past umpteen years, alongside a small piece of white coral picked up from a beach in Queensland that was strewn with such pieces.

Fancy a slice?


  1. Good heavens! That really does look like an earthy loaf - full of goodness. Did you use stone-ground flour?

  2. A fascinating "objet d'art" and a good talking point I'm sure.

  3. It really does look like a wholemeal loaf!

    1. It was my first thought when P showed it to me.


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