Steak Night

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we went out for a meal last night to a local hostelry which offers a steak night special on Thursdays.

We arrived quite early and found a parking spot easily, right outside.

The fire was lit and we sat in a cosy booth with a festive candle flickering.

We chatted for a while with the landlady while we waited for our food to arrive and when it did we both thought "We'll never get through all that!"

But, Dear Reader, we did.

Two steak meals with a bottle of house wine for £30.  Not bad for Isle of Man prices.

It was a good evening, right up until the end when P, whose "inappropriateness" filter is permanently switched off, made a slightly off-colour jokey remark, about not trusting a restaurant with a thin chef, to the rather large young man who cooks and waits on tables.

Oh well, the church tower looked pretty with the coloured lights.

Just Tired

I don't know if it was working a longer shift at Hospice yesterday, or still the after effects of our recent long haul trip, but I feel very tired today.

P went out for a run late morning and I had to drag myself into the shower and then get dressed before he returned for lunch.

He has suggested we go to our local hostelry for their Thursday Steak Night Special this evening so no cooking for me!

Sunday's Walk

Sunday was dull, grey and overcast with no promise of sunshine. The low cloud cover  made the day damp and miserable.

We were up fairly early for breakfast as P was competing in a road race and left the house just after 9 a.m. I spent a couple of hours on routine admin and paying some bills online, then reading some blog posts.

After lunch (just the usual sandwich then fruit) I was starting to feel lethargic and almost fell asleep on the sofa.

Not good.  I forced myself to put on my walking shoes and go outside, even though it was not particularly inviting out there.

Sunday afternoon is the quietest time for traffic around here so it was not as dodgy as usual walking along the lane.  I turned off after 7 or 8 minutes to walk a much quieter route with no traffic, before emerging onto the coast road. Although busy, it is wide enough for me not to get knocked into a ditch.

I quite enjoyed my brisk 45 minutes after all and felt more energised when I arrived back home.

Looking up our lane towards the house

The disused railway line now forms part of a walking trail
 At the halfway point

Some of the railway line is too muddy to walk. I used the lane over the top.

An Early Christmas Present

This week I bought myself an early Christmas present.

When we go away I use my 'phone camera to take photographs but I realised during our recent Tasmania trip that the quality is not that good. Our friend had a bigger and more recent model of 'phone with a better camera and the difference in photograph quality was very noticeable.

I took a look around our local suppliers for his model but it was just a little out of my price range, especially as I would seldom use it for making calls (due to my deafness).  However, I eventually settled for the next model down. Slightly smaller screen but an improvement on the camera I have been using.

I was pleased to find out that it also comes with earphones so I am attempting to use these if I need to make a call, in case they help me hear better.  It was only when I mentioned this to P he told me that my previous 'phone (one of his hand-me-downs) also came with earphones but he had never bothered to take them out of the box. Doh!  If I had known that I may have used my old 'phone for calls as well as just WiFi and photographs.

Anyway, I have made one attempt to call our home landline using the earphones but the volume was not quite high enough. I shall persevere and in the meantime stick to a Pay As You Go SIM and keep calls to a minimum.  The camera, however, does seem to take better photos so I shall experiment with it on our next trip when we go away for Christmas.

I have just ordered my birthday present (my birthday is just after Christmas). A cheap and cheerful mobile 'phone case from China via Amazon.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong...

Yesterday afternoon was quite chilly so I decided to light the fire earlier than usual.

P must have heard me rustling around with the paper and kindling as he came rushing out of the office just as I was on my knees in front of the hearth trying to get a match to strike.

He just loomed over me saying, "No, no. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong"  as if there was a right and a wrong way to strike a match.

Have you ever felt like giving someone a good slap???

I easily got the second one to strike by the way.


We had arranged to meet friends for coffee up in Ramsey this morning so left home around 9:30 so that we could do some grocery shopping before meeting them.

The garden thermometer was showing 4C but the wind chill made it feel much less than that. It was the kind of wind that scoured the skin from your face and made your teeth ache.

After packing the groceries in the boot of the car P suggested a walk around the lake before meeting our friends in the coffee shop.

My response was in the negative.

A Day Off

I promise no more posts about my trip.

On Wednesdays I usually do my volunteer shift at the hospice but I received an email from them yesterday asking if I could put it off this week as they are very busy preparing for their Christmas Fair this weekend.

I was secretly quite pleased as I am still feeling tired, even though the jet lag has passed.

P is out visiting a friend so I have the house to myself for an hour or so.

Bliss.  Peace and quiet. A mug of strong coffee and time to grab my turn on the laptop and catch up on everyone's blog posts.

Happy Days.

Signs Along The Way

Whenever we go away I am often attracted to unusual signs and try to capture them in a photo if possible.

The Aussie sense of humour meant that there were plenty to catch my eye, but it was not always possible to stop the car to photograph them.

Here are some of the interesting notices and amusing signs I did get to capture...

About Tasmania...

Places and buildings...

I Loved this one above a garage workshop...

and this one - Go Easy On The Drink - a warning to boat owners...

The Roos usually came off worse in this scuffle judging by the roadkill...

I didn't fancy staying at this hotel in a shed....

A bit different to our own dear Dorset...

Apparently these places actually exist...

A loo for she-devils in the wildlife reserve....

I wonder whether she had a pie and a pint?.....

Not our River Mersey...

Food and drink related signs... 
most things get shortened, like brekkie and veggie etc...

Doo-lishus ice creams in the village of Doo...

a bargain (around £10 for a steak dinner)

Excuse the fingertip in this one, it was blowing a gale and I could hardly stand up...

This one just about summed up the day we had just experienced weather-wise...

This was really interesting, in the pioneer museum we visited..

Street Scenes

Just some general scenes from the  towns we visited on our journey.

Inside this wonderfully preserved general store is this lifelike dummy cashier set up above the sales floor, complete with the original working zip wire cash system

 A connection here to the Isle of Man - amazingly small world!