Cradle Mountain, A Wildlife Sanctuary..and Sheffield!

Tuesday and another full day.

It started cool and grey and we were heading to Cradle Mountain so took our padded jackets.

First though we stopped off at the wildlife sanctuary to see the Tasmanian Devils. There are very few left in the wild due to a virulent disease which causes facial tumours and which has brought them close to extinction.

After a brief coffee stop we continued on to the Cradle Mountain National Park. A bleak but beautiful landscape. 

On the way back to our cottage in the vineyard we stopped to take a look at the town of Sheffield.  The town of murals. A quirky, fun place.

 Below is the local police station


  1. Yes we have lots of Muriels in Sheffield. Did you purchase a general at The Sheffield General Store? Generals are very useful as doorstops.

  2. Really interesting pictures. Thanks for sharing! I do enjoy a good mooch around somewhere different, even if it is only online.

  3. I always think Australia or Tasmania reminds me of America when watching television or looking at pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Fascinating murals. Sheffield is an interesting place. Hope the weather was better today.

  5. How lovely! I loved the painted door pictures - very realistic!


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