Steak Night

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we went out for a meal last night to a local hostelry which offers a steak night special on Thursdays.

We arrived quite early and found a parking spot easily, right outside.

The fire was lit and we sat in a cosy booth with a festive candle flickering.

We chatted for a while with the landlady while we waited for our food to arrive and when it did we both thought "We'll never get through all that!"

But, Dear Reader, we did.

Two steak meals with a bottle of house wine for £30.  Not bad for Isle of Man prices.

It was a good evening, right up until the end when P, whose "inappropriateness" filter is permanently switched off, made a slightly off-colour jokey remark, about not trusting a restaurant with a thin chef, to the rather large young man who cooks and waits on tables.

Oh well, the church tower looked pretty with the coloured lights.


  1. Sounds good value for money. I laughed at P's thin chef remark.

  2. Steak once in a while is a lovely treat. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  3. A night to remember in more ways than one :)

  4. Thanks for all the comments. Steak is a rare treat for me, as are chips, so I did enjoy it. Back on the scales today to check the damage to the waistline!

  5. Have you stopped answering comments?

    1. Sorry Rachel. A bit behind with blogging. I have been a little busy with writing all my Christmas cards then my devices all needed charging at once. I shall be back to normal tomorrow.


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