Sunday. Our Last Day in Tasmania

Sunday morning in Hobart started bright but cool.

We checked out of our B&B by the water in the Hobart suburb of Lindisfarne.

We decided to visit the city's Botanical Gardens as it was such a lovely day. A welcome change from the previous day's snow.

The setting was idyllic, on a hillside overlooking the water and with the temperature rising to 20C by lunchtime.

We spent a very pleasant few hours there before heading to the airport for the start of our journey

I took lots more photos of the gorgeous flowers but no time to upload more here.

I hope you enjoy these.


  1. Yes I did enjoy seeing your latest photos of Tasmania JayCee - but who were those two shady characters passing under the arch at the botanical gardens?

    1. Ah. That was a sneaky shot of the two friends who so generously showed us around their beautiful island state.


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